Best Night Vision Scope For Air Rifle in 2023 Review

Best Night Vision Scope For Air Rifle

There was a time when only law enforcement agents or military experts can have night vision air rifle scopes. Normal individuals cannot buy this type of product as they were quite expensive, and one must have some technical expertise to use these types of devices.  Having the best night vision scope for air rifle is one of the best investments you can make if you are a target shooter or likes to hunt during the night.

It will enable you to see in any conditions and at great distances. It is important to choose a quality product that you can rely on when you need it most. One of the best ways to make the most of your air rifle night vision is to make sure you can use it flawlessly at night as well as during the day.

There are many advantages to using a night vision air rifle scope instead of a traditional firearm. The first advantage is accuracy. When you are hunting or going target shooting, accuracy is paramount. Using a night vision scope for air rifle allows you to fire multiple shots repeatedly without worrying about hitting the target dead-on every time. As long as the pellets you are firing are not sabotaging each other, you are sure to hit the prey.

To streamline the process to choose the best night vision for air rifle scope, we will recommend some of the best products by our experts. If you don’t have time to explore several options on the internet, we have listed some of the top choices. Read on and pick the one that fits our requirements.

Top 9 Night Vision Air Rifle Scope to Buy


ATN X-Sight-4K Pro

ATN X-Sight-4K Pro


  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Great day and night vision works
  • Longer battery life
  • High-end technological features
  • Outstanding performance

Sightmark Wrath HD

Sightmark Wrath HD


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Two-color modes for night vision
  • HD video recording
  • High definition sensor for better resolution

Nikon P-Tactical

Nikon P-Tactical


  • High level of accuracy
  • Fog and waterproof
  • Offers accurate targeting points
  • Impressive light transmission
  • Lightweight and easy to use

1. ATN X-Sight-4k Pro: Best Overall

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro - Best Night Vision Scope For Air Rifle

The ATN Sight 4K pro is a great choice for night hunters who want a high-resolution scope for their air rifles. The premium quality material makes it less prone to scratches and damage. The strong build quality can withstand any outdoor environment or weather conditions. The scope is fog, shock, and weatherproof, making it a perfect choice for you.

Hunt animals efficiently during the nighttime with X-Sight 4K Pro as it has an infrared attachment that will provide you reliable hunting experience. This night vision air rifle scope produces HD-quality images during your hunting expeditions. While we were testing the scope, NV mode makes it easier to view the objects clearly. Moreover, with the eye relief functionality, we were able to view the images comfortably without straining our eyes.

The Advanced Ballistics Calculator is the best feature of this NV air riflescope as it considers many things, including humidity, wind, range, temperature, and target angle. The power consumption is very low, and this brilliant piece of NV could last up to around 18 hours. Another great feature is the ability to record and stream videos.

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Great day and night vision works
  • Longer battery life
  • High-end technological features
  • Outstanding performance
  • Heavyweight

Perfect choice day and night hunting conditions while still giving you a number of outstanding features with longer battery life. The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro air rifle night vision is highly recommended!

2. ATN X-Sight LTV: Best Medium-Range night vision rifle scope

ATN X-Sight LTV Best Night Vision Scope For Air Rifle

The ATN X-Sight 5-15X shows that night vision scopes aren’t just for military and law enforcement. This one on the list is a reasonable and easy-to-use but high-performing night vision air rifle scope that would outdo some of the top hunting rifle scopes or even a bow.

This long-range view of 500 yards provides a clear view of distant objects and animals during the night. Even though this long-range night vision air rifle scope provides a vast field of view, you will get HD-quality images.

The HD view of the scope provides a clear and crisp image under low light for better visibility. The scope magnification power of the air rifle night vision scope will help you take a closer at the objects and help you hit your target with precision.

Furthermore, the air rifle scope has different reticle designs to choose from based on the requirements. The ATN scope can bear operational beatings as it is manufactured using aluminum. The lightweight construction of the scope makes it easier to carry anywhere you want. With the One-Shot Zero feature, I was able to shoot the target fast.

The scope is mounted easily on the rifle with the help of 30 mm rings. The LTV air riflescope for night vision has a Lithium-ion battery that runs for 10+ hours. That is very impressive for a night vision scope for an air rifle that maintains digital features, including a 3D Accelerometer, Video Recording, and 3D Gyroscope.

Along with all the impressive features, the low price of this night vision scope is attractive to a lot of hunters.

  • Perfect for visualizing the target during nighttime
  • Give maximum shot accuracy with the help of a built-in 3D gyroscope
  • Long-range field view
  • Long battery running time
  • It offers multiple reticles to select from
  • A little costly

Professional and seasoned hunters who are planning to upgrade their air rifle night vision scope and have one with connectivity features and robust technology should get this scope.

3. Night Owl’s NightShot Night Vision Air Rifle Scope: Best for Short-Range Hunting

Night Owl Optics NightShot Best Night Vision Scope For Air Rifle

Are you looking for the best digital night vision scope? We believe that ease of use and performance quality are very important for air rifle night vision scopes. The Night Shot Digital Riflescope by Night Owl is a perfect choice having both the mentioned qualities.

It offers many outstanding features, such as built-in illuminators and weatherproofing, making it a popular choice for night hunters. The plastic construction of this best night vision scope for air rifles makes it easy to take along without bargaining its integrity and strength.

Mounting this air rifle night vision scope is a simple and hassle-free method because of the weaver mount.

We were not disappointed by Night Owl’s NV air rifle scope’s resolution ability as it provided us with a clear view with the help of the viewfinder.

One of the most worthwhile features that we noticed in this best night vision scope for air rifles is the weatherproof build. Most hunting trips are terminated due to different weather conditions as the digital riflescopes won’t work. The weatherproof feature enables you to hunt during rain and snow.

The display quality is sharp enough to sense small animals. With the help of an IR illuminator, you can view the hunting grounds during the night as well as the daytime.

Normally, the night vision air rifle scope range can go from 100 yards to 200 yards, whereas 3-time magnification power enables you to zoom the target with clarity and hit it precisely.

  • Solid battery life
  • Lightweight
  • It can be used by hunters who wear spectacles
  • Great value for the money
  • Adjustable features
  • It can’t be used for rifle scopes above 30 calibre
  • No great for long-range shooting

The NightShot air rifle night vision scope is simple and easy to use. A lot of features such as an IR illuminator, high-quality resolution, weatherproof design, and easy mounting features make it a splendid choice.

4. Sightmark Wraith HD: Best for Smooth Digital Magnification

Sightmark Wraith HD Best Night Vision Scope for Air Rifle

Another good option with structural integrity and great performance is the Sightmark Wraith HD night vision rifle scope. It is manufactured using aluminum and has a great and smooth magnification that can go up to 16x. The aluminum construction makes it much more resistant to functioning abuse or tough handling as compared to plastic.

It is usable during the day and night; the scope offers two-colour modes to use during the night. As a digital air rifle night vision scope, it is well equipped with some of the best features required to be used during the daytime; for example, you can view the images in colour mode during the day.

The major modules are well constructed and designed in such a way as to offer the exact feature you are in search of visibility in the dark. I find clarity during day and night mode to be excellent and that the air riflescope seems to hold picture resolution better as compared to some other options. The picture is zoomed digitally, resulting in a noticeable but workable, pixilated picture when magnified extremely.

Unfortunately, Sightmark Wraith is power-hungry, and it uses AA batteries. Ten different reticle choices are available to pick from according to the situation. An IR illuminator is included in the scope. For better illumination during the night, an 850nm flashlight is a better option.

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Two-colour modes for night vision
  • Video recording in HD quality
  • High-definition sensor with better image resolution
  • Not unsuitable for long-distance shooting

Overall, I found Sightmark Wraith to be a versatile, capable, and dependable device. Multiple reticle options, good resolution, option to save zeros for different firearm types, black and white and green night vision, and what else could anyone want?

5. ATN X-Sight-II: Best Under Mid-Range Price

ATN X-Sight II

Another one on the list of best night vision scopes for air rifles is ATN X-Sight-II. The 3D Gyroscope will make sure to give stabilized and blur-free views, irrespective of the target’s speed and the condition of the land.

The e-compass helps in tracking the path without any stress. You won’t get lost in the wild environments with no landmarks that will help you remember the track.

Using the E-zoom option, move forward easily without losing the target. We had a wide and clear field view without zooming while testing this NV for air riflescopes with HD optical clarity.

You can record everything while hunting by just activating the RCV mode and watching them later. The removable IR illuminator improves the functional ability of the NV scope to have clear views.

The laser ballistics rangefinder improves the success fraction and does not let the environmental circumstances affect the bullet’s path. You won’t have to be worried about adjusting the scope’s settings after every shot, as the ballistic calculator will auto-calibrate the elevation and windage of the scope.

Everybody can learn the easy-to-navigate buttons and use this night vision air rifle scope without any issue. The unmatchable picture quality will make hunting operations trouble-free.

  • Excellent night vision
  • Image and video capture functionality
  • Perfect choice for long-range shooting
  • Wonderfully accurate with a useful app for adjustments as well as range-finding
  • The battery life isn’t good

With ATN’s X-Sight II, you will get a high-tier shooting experience at a mid-range price. Get this brilliant pellet gun night vision scope to have a fantastic hunting experience.

6. Vortex Optics Crossfire II: Affordable Option

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Night Vision Scope for Air Rifle

The Vortex Crossfire II is one of the best night vision scopes for air rifles; this is designed with a bright reticle and a forgiving eye box. Both these features help in shooting the target easily, particularly in low-light settings. Moreover, it is a cheap night vision scope that can be purchased by newbies too.

The Crossfire II is an inexpensive entry-level air rifle scope from Vortex. Even though it is not a high-end NV rifle scope but it’s among one the popular budget NV air rifle scopes having a good reputation.

This scope functions well when hunting at different ranges. The BDC reticle is made especially for this purpose. The adjustable objective makes the focus accurate and removes possible parallax. The scope has multi-coated lenses that give bright and sharp images.

The tube is manufactured using aluminum and prevents the scope from damages that are inflicted by sudden shocks. In my opinion, I have a great run with all three optics and have no issues regarding durability.

Considering these choices, it is clear that this air rifle night vision scope can survive harsh weather conditions since it is sealed with O-ring and is nitrogen-purged.

  • Long eye relief makes it perfect for scout rifles
  • Holds zero incredibly well
  • BDC and illuminated reticle option
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Glass is not good on high magnification
  • Tight adjustment optical bell

Overall, this is an affordable option. Boasting some of the best turrets available today and a hard-wearing build, this night vision air rifle scope is an outstanding choice for any discerning hunter or shooter.

7. Nikon P-Tactical: Best for Mid to Short-Range Hunting

Nikon P-Tactical

Nikon P-223 is a reliable all-purpose air rifle night vision scope that is the perfect choice for hunting. It is built to beat many other NV scopes. The fog and waterproof feature enable it to use during different weather conditions.

I am sure you are going to enjoy its basic field adjustments. One more great point about this night vision air rifle scope is the multi-coated visual system. These types of optics can make the most of the light transmission while providing optimum illumination.

Nikon P 223 air rifle night vision is renowned for its compact design. This night vision air rifle scope stands strong by resisting fog and water from reaching its productivity and upsetting the shooting talent of hunters.

Your eyes are safe with this NV. It is perfect for the highest angles for shooting as well as for the recoil state with a higher power. The Nikon P-223 has a default 100-yard parallax setting that comes in handy for accurate shooting at common ranges. Let me put this, by using this air rifle night vision scope, you can hit an 8-inch gong placed 800 yards away from you.

The Nikon P-223 scope is built-in with a 40mm lens along with fully coated optics, which helps in creating a striking light transmission rate of 98%. This works best in low-light settings such as sunset and sunrise.

Even a disabled individual can use this durable, sturdy, well-constructed night vision scope for an air rifle. The Nikon P-233 design is quite hard to beat. The NV scope has no caps, which means that you don’t need to worry about removing and losing them.

  • High level of accuracy
  • Impressive light transmission capability
  • Offers accurate targeting points
  • Fog and waterproof.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Not Fit For High Caliber Arms

All in all, Nikon P-223 is a product of a corporation that believes in excellence. They specially geared it towards the audience looking for a night vision air rifle scope for close to mid-range hunting.

8. Hawke Airmax Night Vision Air Rifle Scope

Hawke Airmax Night Scope

Hawk air rifle night vision scope is a target shooter’s dream. With a special reticle and a large operative range, there is not much that you can’t do with this Hawke Airmax.

The glass clarity is fantastic. What impressed me the most was the glass-imprinted reticle. The Hawke Airmax night vision air riflescopes use an AMX reticle, mainly designed for air rifles. The mil-dot reticle floats easily in the middle of the images. It is easy to see the target and kept me anywhere from 10 yards to 100 yards.

The eye relief is 3.5″, which is quite good from my point of view. With the help of the wide-eye box, I was able to find the target quickly. Hawk air rifle night vision is durable; lightweight, as well as nitrogen, purged. The Hawke Airmax has extra-large turrets that feel good in hands and turn effortlessly with just one click.

I feel confident to take this night vision air rifle scope to a competition anywhere around 100 yards. The photo is clean, and the parallax turret is very easy to regulate.

  • Non-telescoping magnification
  • Lightweight build
  • Audibly clicking turrets
  • Special AMX reticle made for air rifles
  • Not good for long-range shooting

The Hawke air rifle night vision scope is a budget buy but with outstanding quality and better than the expected performance. There’s no bargaining here. Its performance, quality, and lifetime warranty for the hunters.

9. Sniper Night Vision Riflescope for Hunting: Best for Beginners

Sniper Night Vision Scope

The Sniper air riflescope is an entry-level scope. The Sniper HD has three different colour modes for day and night hunting. There was a colour display for daytime hunting, and during the night, you can switch to either black and white mode or green display.

Even though this air rifle NV scope brags about having a long detection range, it is not. It is a close-range scope that can reach a 350-yards detection range using an IR illuminator.

The night vision air riflescope has a wide 5mm objective lens, an onboard infrared LED illuminator and multi-coated optics. These features work jointly to deliver high-resolution targets up to 300 yards away, even in complete darkness.

The is not a customary night vision air rifle scope with a picture intensifier tube. Rather, it has a reasonable night vision system having a CMOS sensor. The 3x digital zoom abilities and 4.5x optical magnification enable you to stay close to the target without leaving the shooting stand.

The rechargeable lithium battery life lasted for 2.5 hours. I suggested keeping separate batteries with you. I don’t like this night vision air rifle scope because it is heavier and has no Wi-Fi.

  • Three colour modes
  • High-resolution targets
  • 5 times optical magnification power
  • Heavyweight

For many hunters, targeters, and ratters, it gets the job done. Though it is an entry-level scope in nature, it is exactly what most beginners want for their low-recoil rifle.

10. Burris Scout Rifle Scope: Best for Short-Range Hog Hunting

Another great option we have chosen for you is the Burris Scout Rifle Scope. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum that assures tremendous durability. This scope is very shockproof and is also relatively easy to reset.

This scope can hunt at long distances that are up to 100 yards on average. However, it functions better at shorter distances. We like the big ocular lens diameter as this feature is very important for long eye relief riflescopes.

Although this scope for hog hunting offers a great vision for the shooter to observe its target, its low light visibility might produce darker images as compared to an image that is needed during hunting.

The low light transmission may not be up to standard, but it sure does offer great quality images during other times of the day due to its anti-reflection glass.

The Burris Scout has a very attractive and impressive design and is great for hunting hogs. All in all, this scope is one of the best night vision scopes for hunting hogs.

  • Multi-coated
  • Anti-glare
  • Zooming option
  • Amazing alignment
  • Low nighttime quality distorts
  • Darkening image resolution

What makes the best night vision scope for an air rifle?

When buying the best night vision scope for air rifles, you must think through a few factors if you’re going to invest in the best NV air riflescope in the market.


To hit the target, you must have a clear view of the target. The resolution of the night vision air rifle scope must give you a crystal clear image. High magnification offers the best clarity. Buy a scope that provides several lines per millimetre for having the best clarity.

Recognition and detection range

The detector range enables you to notice a target but can’t tell you what the object is. It would help if you had a recognition range to understand the object and your desired target. The recognition range changes depending on the night light settings. You’ll have a different recognition range during the full moon and an entirely different one in starlit or pitch-black darkness.

The infrared illuminator

If you like to go for a hunt in pitch-black conditions, buying an NV scope having an inbuilt IR illuminator will be the best choice. The IR illuminator will help you to shoot the target precisely without any issues.


Unlike the traditional hunting scope, an NV air rifle scope consists of several small parts, including electronic tubes and glass optics. These are prone to damage as you’ll be hunting in dark settings. The best air rifle scope for night shooting must give you value for the money. It must be built to last for a long time. The best air rifle night vision scope should withstand weather conditions.


Another important factor that you must look into is how heavy the night vision air riflescope is. Some of the scopes are just as lightweight as an airsoft pistol. However, some scopes are very large and weighty. All this depends on the purpose of the scope being used. If you only use the scope on specific areas, then a smaller air rifle night vision scope may be in order.

These factors can also influence your overall decision-making process while selecting the best night vision scope for an air rifle, as each of these is important for different applications. For example, although a high-powered air rifle scope will be best for larger games such as deer, a small scope designed specifically for a smaller animal such as a rabbit would be better for general hunting purposes.

Knowing what to buy when it comes to night vision air riflescopes is not easy. However, armed with this information, you will be able to make the right choice when purchasing one. Remember to always choose a product that is within your budget. Do not compromise on quality to save money in the short term, as it could end up being more costly in the end.

Limitations of Night Vision Scope for Air Rifle

The major limitation of the NV is reduced visibility. Even with the best night vision scope for air rifles, the results are not very clear. A certain level of distortion makes it hard to view the target and field via scope.


If you are going to be shooting during the night, the best NV scope for air rifles is a must-have. Without one, you’re likely to hit an individual with the air rifle as the lighting settings are not favourable to the eye during the night. The best night vision scope enables you to identify the target correctly before shooting.

We believe that ATN X-Sight 4K Pro is the best night vision scope for air rifles among the various options that we have discussed. It offers 18+ hours long battery life and an Ultra HD resolution, making it a great choice. Moreover, it considers the comfort of the user and provides a ballistics calculator along with good eye relief.

With the best night vision scope for air rifles, you are definitely going to make some of the best night-hunting memories.


Can I hunt rats with a night vision scope for an air rifle?

Yes, it is possible to hunt rats using an air rifle and NV scope. Air rifles are widely used for hunting big animals as well as rodents.

When a hunter pairs an air rifle with a good night vision scope, shooting night-time pests such as rats becomes exceedingly easier.

Is it worth the effort and the money to buy an air rifle scope for night vision?

A good night vision riflescope is a must-have if you are involved in night-time hunting or shooting practices. These scopes are built to use very little light and present a view of the surroundings.

The high-resolution sensors make it possible to do so. Moreover, they have reticles that make it easier to aim as well as increase accuracy. Therefore, it is worth the effort and money to invest in a good night vision air riflescope for regular night-time hunters or shooters.

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