Best Night Vision Scope For Hunting

Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting in 2022: Reviews, Guide

It is challenging and nearly impossible to hunt at night. No one can get a clear vision of the target in low-light settings. Bushes and tree shadows obstruct the view. As it is hard to hunt during night time, that’s why you need the best night vision scope for hunting to make your hunting experience worth your time.

Night vision scopes are specially designed for hunting in the dark. NV scopes come with an IR illuminator as well as reticle adjustments to offer better and improved performance. Moreover, digital night vision scopes are in demand too. Most NV scopes are built with high-quality material, and that’s why you can use them in rough environments. However, it is very important to pick the right NV to get the most out of your hunting experience. Here we have picked some of the best night scope for hunting or target pitching during nighttime.

The 9 Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting Reviewed

1. Sightmark Wraith HD: Best Overall

This Sightmark scope for night hunting can be used during the day and night as it has high-definition sensors. A 1920×0180 HD sensor is used within this scope for providing clarity during the daytime. If you click the switch, you can change from day to night mode. There are 2 options for nighttime viewing a classic green mode and a black and white one.

You get 10 different reticle options to use with this one of the best night vision hunting scope. The battery life is quite good as it lasted around hours during the testing with 4 1.5AA batteries. The detection range with the night illuminator was 200 yards.Sightmark Wraith HD Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting

There are 5 individual targeting profiles that are stored in this night scope for hunting. These profiles can be recalled easily. You can switch between load, weapons, or POI changes at a variable distance.

I found the menu of the scope to be easy to use and navigate. One-Shot zero processes are very simple while attaining laser-precise precision in few zeroing shots.  You can easily understand the input functions of the input pad, as it is simple and easy to use.

The weather-resistant technology is worked very well during the testing. I tested the device for one day in steady rain, and the device had no issues even it was soaked in water.

  • Outclass night vision
  • Higher magnification range for clear vision
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • It comes with 10 reticle options and 9 colors
  • Bulky

Overall, I found the Sightmark Wraith night scope for hunting to be a versatile, capable, and dependable device that has many great features to offer.

2. ATN Thor 4: Best Long Time Use

The ATN ThOR 4 thermal night scope for hunting is among the top choices if you are searching for a capable and affordable riflescope. The reason we added ATN Thor 4 among the list of best night vision scope for hunting is that it offers performance along with affordability.

This one offers a number of improvements from ThOR HD series riflescopes. One of the best things about this NV scope is its new Obsidian IV Dual-core processor. The processor is powerful and smarter, allowing ThOR 4 to offer improved performance along with more great features.

It also offers better power efficiency and cooling performance, which makes the battery last for 18-hours.ATN Thor 4 Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting

The cheapest ThOR 4 night vision scope offers a magnification range from 1.25x to 5x. The detection range for the human-sized target is 700 to 750 yards. Higher magnification offers a longer detection range, and the more precisely you can hit the target. Prices also vary for lower to higher magnification range scopes.

The eye relief offers comfortable viewing and allows you to keep the glasses on during the hunting expedition. Like ThOR HD scopes, ThOR 4 scopes come with a built-in ballistic calculator and range finder.

The ballistic calculator uses altitude and different environmental conditions such as humidity, pressure, windage, temperature, and the gun’s profile to calculate an accurate path for bullet path.

  • Great detection range
  • Holds zero well
  • Extremely feature-rich
  • Generous eye relief
  • Costly

The ATN ThOR 4 night scope for hunting is a huge improvement in ease to use, performance, has longer battery life and is a value for your money.

3. Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope: Best for Day and Night Shooting

Whether you are planning to go for long or short-range shooting, Pulsar Thermion is one of the best night vision scopes for hunting. The scope offers excellent support for day and night shooting expeditions.

The scope for night hunting is loaded with a variety of brilliant features. First, aluminum-magnesium alloy provides outstanding durability. Shoot during snow or rain without any issue, as this scope’s design is IPX7 rated.

The lens provided higher clarity during the shooting. Good fresh rate and display quality delivered a clear and bright picture.Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope

Another thing that we like about one of the best scope for night hunting because it offers quick start-up time and lag-free performance. Moreover, there are eight color options that you can get when buying this scope for night hunting.

Operating this scope is easy and simple. On the eyepiece, there is a triple button control system for major functionalities. A smooth-rolling selector wheel makes controlling easy.

The best scope for night hunting comes with a dual Li-Ion power mechanism with an innovative single-cell design. The changeable external battery enhances the life of the unit. In case your battery died during hunting, change the external pack in no time.

30mm rings make mounting an easy peasy job. Moreover, you can record 1024×768 videos as well as static images with this night scope for hunting.

  • Lightweight and rugged design
  • User-friendly controls
  • PIP feature in the display
  • 13 electronic reticles
  • Narrow field view

If you’re searching for reliable performance during shooting, you can’t go wrong with the Pulsar Thermion rifle scope.

4. Athlon Optics Talos: Affordable Option

Athlon Optics Talos is another addition to the list of best night vision scope for hunting. It is manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum. I had no objections about the build quality. The body is well built as well as it is sturdy. The night scope for hunting is shockproof, and we are sure that it can take some recoil hits.Athlon Optics Talos Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting

A 44mm, fully multu0-coated objective lens is fitted in this scope. This means that there will be no glaring and low-light problems.

The scope also has an FFP reticle, which means that the reticle will zoom in closer as you zoom in your scope to get close to your target.

Heat-treated one-piece tubes improve the scope’s strength over multi-piece tubes. Likewise, a one-piece tube is better at keeping the moisture out, therefore keeping the night scope for hunting fog proof. Moreover, Nitrogen makes the scope Fog and waterproof.

  • Good build quality.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Good lens quality.
  • Zeroing the scope is a little hard.

Overall, the Athlon Talos night scope for hunting is an excellent choice considering all the features and price points.

5. ATN X-Sight-4k: Scope with Best Features

Most of the night vision scopes are used after the sun goes down. Special optics are used for having a smooth transition from day to nighttime shooting. We consider X-Sight to be one of the best night vision scope for hunting on the market.

Sensor technology is among one of the best features of this scope. The sensor unit rates its image clarity and quality.

The obsidian 4 processors offer fast performance to transform a clear image with various shades.ATN X-Sight 4k Pro

The HD lens has an objective diameter of 50mm. The lens projects pictures with higher resolution along with more bright color choices. It is great for short-range shootings due to its larger field view.

The ballistic calculator considers a number of different gun and environmental factors for accurate shooting experience. Just enter bullet and gun profile, and you are ready to go. The One Shot Zero feature truly cuts the time it takes to get the rifle shooting.

  • Ultra-low-power
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Smart Range finder
  • One-Shot Zero
  • Average night time performance

If you want to have a do-it scope with high-tech features, then this scope is the best night scope for hunting that you can directly mount to your hunting rifle.

6. ATN X-Sight LTV: Best Lightweight Option

The ATN X-Sight LTV is scope for night hunting. It is appropriate for night and daytime usage. X-sight LTV uses the Obsidian technology, same as in the ATN Thor to deliver functions.

The X-SIGHT LTV is one of the best night vision scope for hunting and will stand up to the harshness of challenging hunts as well as lots of rounds downrange. Kept in a tough aluminum alloy and constructed using impact-resistant technology. It can function well in tough conditions as well.ATN X-Sight LTV

The zero-shot feature is very easy and accurate to use that even a beginner can use it.

As the X-Sight is an NV scope, you can use it during the day as well. The way this scope is built makes it a worthwhile option for hunting during the daytime.

It is lightweight design makes this scope a very convenient option for heavy caliber recoil. The battery timing is amazing as it can last for around 10 hours.

  • Full range of accessories
  • The high-quality LT core processor
  • Uses 30mm standard rings
  • High operating temperature range
  • Not compatible with smart laser rangefinders

With daytime and nighttime use, long battery runtime, an incredibly easy-to-use interface, and a budget-friendly price point, it is one of the best and worth having night scope for hunting.

7. ATN X-Sight-II: Best Compact Scope

The small ATN X-Sight II night scope for hunting makes it a perfect choice for rifle hunters. Small size does not mean poor performance. This model enables you to reach a maximum of 20-x magnification. Moreover, you can adjust from the lowest to the highest caliber.ATN X-Sight-II

The ATN is one of the best night vision scope for hunting and is known for its exceptional ballistic calculator. Furthermore, this NV scope allows you to pinpoint your target at larger distances as well.

Another feature that we like about this night scope is the e-compass and 3D Gyroscope that prevents blurred images. If the users want to have better and improved performance in the shooting field, this scope offers has a higher HD video and image resolution for up to 1080p.

  • Effective for day and night shooting
  • Available weaver mounts
  • Can record HD videos
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Heavyweight

Overall, this piece is still a great pick for a high-quality NV scope because of its amazing features, including video and photo recording, 3D Gyroscope, and easy zooming.

8. ATN Thor LT: Best for Short/Mid-Range Hunting 

ATN Thor LT is a lightweight and powerful option with affordable prices. This best night scope for hunting is designed to mount and work as a traditional scope. It is made using strong aluminum material, which makes it its strong and long-lasting scope.

ATN Thor LT offers a 60 Hz refresh rate. The benefit of having such a high refresh rate is that it is easier to track a moving object. You will get smooth images even when you move your rifle along the animal movement.

With a single charge, the lithium-ion battery offers a long-running time of 10 hours.ATN Thor LT

The LT night scope for hunting is recoil-rated to endure the pressure of high-caliber rifles. Moreover, it is weather-resistant as well; you can even use it during rain and snow. So, no more waiting for the rain or snow to stop to go on hunting expeditions.

The best scope for the night doesn’t add much weight to your, and ATN Thor just weighs 1.4 lbs. Moreover, a lighter scope is easier to carry as well as it improves accuracy and balance.

  • 3D accelerometer
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Weather-resistant
  • One-Shot Zero
  • It does not have a ballistics calculator

Overall, this scope is a great choice for short and mid-range shooting along with longer battery life.

9. Sniper Day/Night Rifle Scope: Best Budget Night Vision Scope

Sniper’s Day/Night Scope is not just a traditional night scope for hunting, having an image intensifier tube. Rather, it has a reasonably priced digital NV system with a CMOS sensor.

The night scope for hunting has an onboard IR LED illuminator, a generous 50mm objective lens, and have quality multi-coated optics. All these features, when combined, deliver high-quality and crisp images.  Moreover, the shooting range is 300 yards even in complete darkness.Sniper Day night Rifle Scope

During daylight hours, the NV scope for hunting delivers a full-color, bright image. You can pick between black and white color mode during the night or go with the classic green mode of traditional NV scope.

The rechargeable lithium battery life lasted for 2.5 hours. I suggested keeping separate batteries with you. I don’t like this night vision air rifle scope because it is heavier and has no Wi-Fi.

  • Three color modes
  • High-resolution targets
  • 5 times optical magnification power
  • Heavy

Though it is an entry-level scope in nature, it is exactly what most beginners want for their low-recoil rifle.

10. Nikon P-Tactical .223: Best Scope for Long Range Shooting

The Nikon P-Tactical has many amazing advantages for hog hunters. It has optical clarity and one of the most precise visions ever, two of the best advantages of this hog hunting scope. These features maintain a great optical level along with quick focusing.

When we were testing this scope, we could focus and aim targets up to 600 yards. The best part is that its well-crafted BDC reticle minimizes the additional guesswork, consequently producing amazing quality for long-range hunting.

Most reticles lose their placement when you move away from the eyepiece. Its awesome night vision comes with a 100 yard and a smooth parallax handle enabling you to stay focused on the target.

This scope for hog hunting allows targeting efficiently because of the sturdy tactical handle. Moreover, this hog hunting is compatible with both long and short-range rifles.

  • Amazing accuracy
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Strongly built
  • Relief Distance
  • Windage handle

Final Thoughts

It is always tough to choose the best night vision scope for hunting and according to your specific shooting requirements. No matter which scope you choose for your rifle, take time to know about the scope’s features. Eventually, precision and proficiency are the most effective weapons, no matter which night vision scope you’ve attached to your rifle.

However, if you need a recommendation, we strongly recommend you try our top three picks: Sightmark Wraith HD, ATN Thor 4, Pulsar Thermion Thermal Riflescope. Other options are also worth trying.


Do I need to take any precautions while using the best night vision scope for hunting?

Some of the precautions you must take while using the best scope for hunting are as follows:

  • Don’t aim your device at a bright light source.
  • Always disassemble the NV under professional assistance.
  • Try to avoid shaking or dropping the device.
  • Don’t touch the objective lens with bare hands. Try to touch the lens using a non-abrasive and soft cloth.
  • Store the scope in a case to prevent damage.

How far can you see with a night vision device?

The detection range depends on a number of factors. Each night scope for hunting comes with a specific range depending on the optics and sensor capabilities.

How long will a night vision scope for a hunting device last?

The best night scope for hunting lasts for a lifetime when maintained and handled in the right way. Make sure to follow the owner’s manual for taking care of the scope.

What do targets look like through night scope for hunting?

Pictures viewed through the best night vision scope for hunting comes with a greenish color. This is as the human eye is much more sensitive and can easily pick up the green shade compared to the other shades.

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