BESTSIGHT Night Vision Hunting Camera Review

Bestsight Night Vision Hunting Camera

Have you been looking for a night vision scope that is economical and good too? Well, you can buy the BESTSIGHT Night Vision Hunting Camera Scope. This night vision scope is under $200, and we’ll share our experience using it here.

This scope is more of a camera with a TV instead of night vision. Most people must be wondering if it works because of its cheap price. This scope works pretty well for its price.

Overview Of The Scope

Best Uses: Close Range Detection, Pest Control, Night Vision Camera, Varmint Control

What We Like About It: Price, Night Vision Camera

What We Don’t Like About It: Poor User Manual, Limited Usage

  • Sensor: Not Available
  • Magnification: Not Available
  • Display Resolution: Unknown
  • Eye Relief: Not Available
  • Color Modes: Day & Night
  • Battery: 3X 18650 Li-ion
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 6.9 x 5.2 inches

Our Verdict Of This Scope

After thoroughly testing this scope, we can say that the idea behind this scope is great, but in terms of build, it is not as good. However, for this price, it is a good scope but only for a limited number of things. You can use it for things like low-caliber varmint hunting or pest control. You can use this scope if you are not planning on hunting any big game.

Features of BESTSIGHT Night Vision Hunting Camera Scope

Mounting The Scope

One of the biggest problems with these night vision scopes is mounting them onto the rifle. You will notice that many different parts come with this scope, and you might find it difficult to mount it. You’ll need to mount three parts separately to make this scope work.

But the good thing is that this scope has everything you need to mount. These things include dual-ring compression clamp mount for the IR flashlight, 30mm and 1″ rings for fitting the display to the scope tube, and camo tape to wrap it around the ocular for camera sleeve gripping and protection.

The first thing to do when you want to use a night vision scope is to mount it onto the rifle. If you will try mounting this scope on a 338, best of luck! It took us a while and a lot of effort to do so. However, we also mounted it on an AR-15, which was quite easier compared to a 338.

You might have to remove your scope a few times before mounting it correctly. But once you’ve mounted the scope, everything is very simple.

Use for Low-Caliber Rifles

If you want to use it on a low-caliber rifle, you’ll have to mount it on the scope tube rather than on the top ring. This will make the adjustment much easier. Mounting it to the scope tube will allow you to adjust the scope’s focus with one hand. You should know that it doesn’t have any tripod support system built-in.

However, it’s still quite stable because the scope tube is solid. Once you mount the scope, it’s pretty easy to hold it steady. When looking through the scope, it should be easy to see what is going on outside. You should be able to see clearly enough to see any movement.

You will face a lot of recoils, whiteout, accidental dismounting of the scope, the display may cause blanking, loose display, etc. However, you should worry most about the displacement of the batteries from their connections.

Bestsight Night Vision Hunting Camera

Detection Range

If you’re looking for a night vision scope with a good range, this isn’t the scope for you. However, it is understandable that you will not get a long-range night vision scope at this low price. You can shoot at a 100 yards distance during the day and get better imaging quality.

But you’ll have to rely completely on the IR vision during the nighttime hunting. The built-in IR is not great. We used it, and it is only good for 40 yards or under distance. When we tried using the IR on 100 yards distance, it worked but displayed bad-quality images.

So, if you want to use the scope for an extended range, you should get a better IR vision. Moreover, you can also try adjusting the brightness and other settings to see some positive results. We would not say it has the perfect range, but you get what you want – vision in the dark.

Night Vision Camera Scope

Night Vision Camera Scope isn’t something we call a night vision scope, but when you’re looking for something on a budget, what can you do? Therefore, you can use a product like the BESTSIGHT DIY Digital Night Vision Scope as a temporary alternative.

The notable thing is that the whole scope consists of three parts. The IR illuminator is mounted on the tube between the turret system and the objective bell. The camera is placed directly to the eyepiece. Lastly, the display screen is mounted on the tube between the eyepiece and the turret.

If you take a close look at the rear side of the display screen, you’ll notice three buttons that are easy to operate. You can move between the colour mode using the camera sleeve for day shooting or night vision per your needs.

Settings on BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope


User Manual

Everyone would agree that a good user manual is very important for every consumer. However, this scope misses everything when it comes to the user manual.

The user manual is very difficult to understand, and many people might end up scratching their heads with confusion. It took us a lot of time to understand the diagrams as they were poorly labeled and designed.


In conclusion, the BESTSIGHT Night Vision Hunting Camera Scope has good and bad features. However, this isn’t an ideal spotting or hog hunting scope, and you can only use it for varmint hunting or leisure activities.

You’ll need to spend some extra bucks to buy the batteries, and an IR illuminator addition would be a good upgrade in the scope. But after all this, the scope is still under $200.

If you are looking for a scope that you want to use to hunt big games or other serious activities, you should increase your budget and look for a night vision scope under $500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Come With Batteries?

This night vision scope doesn’t come with batteries, and you will have to separately but them. You can purchase the 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries to use with the scope.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?

If you fully charge the batteries, you can use them for two hours. However, the battery life will be affected if you change the scope’s settings. Moreover, battery life can also differ because of the brand and quality of the batteries you buy.

Does The BESTSIGHT Camera Scope Record Video?

No, there isn’t any option to record the videos or capture photographs.

Is The Night Vision Camera Weatherproof?

The BESTSIGHT Night Vision Hunting Camera isn’t weatherproof. So, you should try keeping the camera and the display dry in case of rain.

Can The Camera Scope Be Used Without A Rifle Scope?

No, you cannot use this night vision scope without a riflescope. So, you will have to mount the scope to use it. Moreover, you must also need the display screen to operate the scope.

Is Best Sight Customer Service Responsive?

We have heard different things from different people. But we can say that their customer service isn’t up to the mark.

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