Hunting In The Wind – Follow These Tips For Best Results

Hunting In The Wind

Do you also think that hunting in the wind isn’t worth it? Well, we all have heard this! We, as hunters, have always heard that the deer movement is close to none in high windy conditions. But this isn’t true. You might not be able to catch the deer on your trail cam because it might have changed its habitat for windy conditions.

Your trail cam is placed at specific points, and they cannot move to detect the deer’s movement. So, there is a possibility that the deer might still be moving but at a different place.

Deer usually live a very simple life. They follow some simple rules to spend their lives: finding food & water, staying away from predators, and reproducing. This is how deer spend their lives and move across the woods. So, if you can understand these things, it can help you understand deer movement and become a better hunter by hunting in the wind. So, are you ready to learn hunting in the wind?

Hunting In The Wind – Some Tips to Follow

Multiple Tree Stands

The best way to hunt in the wind is to plan. Weather conditions change quickly during the winter. You can never predict something for sure if you’re hunting in the winter. You will have to limit your hunting duration if you only have one stand. So, the best thing is to get more tree stands and set them in different locations to cover more area. Keep in mind that the locations that you choose must suit a particular wind direction.

This way, you can check the direction of the wind and move to another location where the wind direction is suitable for hunting. Moreover, if you’re hunting during the night, you can also use gear like night vision scopes for hunting.

Tree Stands

Using Wind Indicators

Do you think it is possible to hunt deer in the wind? Definitely, yes! You can also make hunting in the wind easier if you can predict how the deer might move. You can use a few wind indicators to notice the wind direction.

These wind indicators can predict things that you might not predict because the wind direction can change at any time. People also use other things like milkweed seeds to predict the wind direction. You can also get small tufts of cotton because they are fluffy and float on the wind for long distances. However, if you’re looking for the best results, you can try snipe hunting to stay hidden.

Wind Indicator

Plan for Obstructions

Another good method of hunting a deer in the wind is to place your tree stands in locations with obstructions around. You can look for a brush pile or a steep slope because this will do the work to discourage the deer from moving through that location.

Follow the experts

People usually forget one of the most important things while hunting in the wind. You can always learn from experts and their experiences. You should look for what other experts have shared on their hunting experiences in the wind and try following them to get the best results.


It is not easy to hunt in the wind, but it isn’t impossible too. You can always get the best results if you follow the tips mentioned above. Moreover, you should know the windy conditions in that specific area because it can help you improve your hunting experience.


How much wind is too much for deer hunting?

According to some experts, 30mph or more is too much for deer hunting. At the same time, the best windy conditions are 5mph-15mph.

Is it worth deer hunting in high winds?

It isn’t easy to hunt in high winds. But you can try your luck and expertise to hunt during windy conditions.

Where do deer go when it’s windy?

Not all deer react to windy conditions in the same way. But deer usually hide in places like a low bottomland, a conifer swamp, or the lee side of the ridge.

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