What To Wear Hog Hunting: The Complete Guide

What To Wear Hog Hunting

In North America, wild hogs are very famous animals to hunt. Hogs have been a source of food for explorers and hunters for millennia. Hog hunting is excellent since it can be done all year, and many countries encourage it because it lessens harm to farmers. Hog hunting is often done at night, so you need to consider what to wear hog hunting.

It is important to dress warmly no matter your time or state. Before going out on the field to go hog hunting for the first time, I thought carefully about how to dress. Because the weather in Texas can be unpredictable, I wanted to dress in something that would keep me comfortable no matter what.

Guide On What To Wear Hog Hunting

While going hog hunting, you should cover your entire body in darker or dark camouflaged clothing and avoid dressing in jeans at all costs. Your hog hunting outfit can often make or ruin your trip. Choosing the right outfit is as important as choosing the right scope for hog hunting.

Certain hunting situations or scenarios need the use of additional or unique clothing. I usually keep a different set of clothes in my bag in case I need them. When your hog hunt begins, you never know what the hunting environment will be like. If you’re a newbie, then you should check the hog hunting tips for beginners before you go on your first hunt. Therefore, you must have proper hog hunting apparel for an enjoyable experience.


I like to cover my face with a garment because it looks nice and helps hide the breath scent. If you didn’t know, hogs have a good sense of smell and can detect you from up to ten miles away if the conditions are ideal.

When it comes to facial covers, you have three options: balaclava, half-face mask, or bandana. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages

  • Balaclava

Aside from your eyes, balaclavas cover your complete head. Depending on the climate in which you are hunting, they come in various materials. It will be more uncomfortable to wear a hat on top of one made of a heavier material.

Be careful of the material used to make your balaclava. If it’s poorly manufactured, the heavier material will make it very difficult to breathe, leaving you uncomfortable and preventing you from wearing the balaclava.


  • Mask for half-face

My favourite facial cover is the half-face mask. It can provide coverage from the tip of your nose to the base of your neck while letting you wear sunglasses and hog hunting hats. You can use it as a scarf when it’s not in use.

Make sure the half-face mask’s material isn’t too heavy so you can breathe comfortably through it, just like the balaclava. Check whether the mask isn’t constructed so cheaply that it loses its flexibility after only a few uses.

Mask For Half Face - What To Wear Hog Hunting

  • Bandana

When it comes to facial covers, the bandana is unquestionably the cheapest option. It is the most diverse in terms of its use, as it may cover your face and head or clean your boogers.

I like the bandana as it fits in the pocket and is so cheap that you may have many on hand if one is lost or torn. Bandanas do not form around your face while worn, allowing for the most breathing room.



Headgear is vital since it helps break up your silhouette if the hogs are looking for you. It will also keep the light off your face, allowing your body to retain heat more effectively. The classic baseball cap is my recommendation. Check if it’s composed of breathable material, such as polyester, nylon or cotton. If at all feasible, try it on to ensure it’s a hat you’ll be able to wear for an extended period.

Baseball caps have the added benefit of having pre-installed lights that enhance your hunting experience. They are available in various hues, including white, red, and green.

Baseball Cap

The Boonie hat is my second favourite headgear. It’s especially useful on a bright day since it keeps your neck from being sunburned.

They are often made of lighter materials and, in my opinion, are more comfortable.

Boonie hats are fantastic when not used, as most of them can be folded and stored in your oversized pockets. Some even have a string attached to wear the hog hunting hat over your back.

If you live in a mosquito-infested location, I highly suggest Boonie hats with built-in mosquito netting. When hunting in thick and tall grass in summer, these have changed my life occasionally. Spray sufficient mosquito repellant on your face, but those curious mosquitos will still buzz about your ear, testing your nerves. A hog will observe you and become terrified when you crack and attempt to swat them away.

Boonie Hat

Upper body

Hog hunting clothes play an essential role in your experience. It’s acceptable to go hog hunting in a t-shirt during summer. Long trousers are still recommended to keep ticks and pests at bay. A light, full-sleeved t-shirt is also a good choice for the same reason.

Layering is recommended throughout the winter months. Under a heavy, water-resistant jacket, it’s recommended to have 1-2 layers. Moisture-wicking dry-fit or light wool hog hunting shirts work well as underlayers because they keep the body temperature from lowering.

Lower body

There are bugs in tall grass areas where the hogs gather; you’ll want to wear trousers for a hog hunt. Furthermore, long pants protect your legs from bites and scratches. You’ll want to go hiking or hunting boots for your footwear. Boots are strong enough to keep you safe from animal bites while allowing you to negotiate rough terrain.

It is advised that you do not hunt in jeans. Denim is a stiff cloth, and it becomes difficult and heavy to dry when it gets wet. Wear trekking or hunting pants, which feature extra pockets and are usually waterproof.

Hog hunting is a year-round activity that everyone with a hunting license can join in, and hog hunting clothes are simple. However, you should dress for the weather and have primary arm and leg protection.

Long Trouser - What To Wear Hog Hunting


Feet, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy working in snake boots. Not only for snake bite prevention but also for other purposes. Snake boots are tall to provide the most protection for your legs.

Having said that, many of these boots are also waterproof, allowing you to walk in shallow water without worrying about your socks becoming wet. I can’t tell you my feet have come to my rescue many times while chasing a hog over deep, muddy terrain. Snake boots will protect you not only from snake bites but also from hog charges.

Fortunately, I’ve only been charged by a hog once, which wasn’t pleasant. When it rushed at me, it went straight for my legs and attempted to turn me over. The hog’s tusks would have seriously wounded my calves and shins if it had made contact with me.

Get yourself some snake boots. Again, you could probably get by without them, but wearing them gives you a sense of security

Snake Boots.


It doesn’t have to be challenging to dress for hog hunting. I’ve seen a group of seasoned hog hunters go out in just hog hunting shirts and jeans and still kill a lot of hogs. If this is your first time hunting, I want you to be as prepared as possible.

While you must still consider your scent, movement and hunting timing, what to wear hog hunting can significantly impact your performance, particularly if you want to be comfy.

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